How effective is your fabric?

Although the final workable model is still in development, preliminary testing and research show its extreme effectiveness in cold temperatures. Additionally, parts of the design have been brought before consultation by professors in various universities across the Eastern Seaboard, including Harvard, Northwestern, and NYU: the design was unanimously deemed conceptually and practically viable. Last but not least, due to our fabric being designed at the micro-level, it is all but indistinguishable from a regular fabric in all forms save functionality, thus allowing you to treat it as such. This gives our fabric the ultimate versatility and effectiveness.

How much would it cost?

Due to our fabric's incredibly precise design, initial manufacturing costs will be relatively high. However, as we familiarize with the practical manufacturing process, costs are expected to decrease dramatically to price slightly more than normal fabrics.

How far along are you guys?

Our technology is yet in its infancy. However, development is proceeding at a rapid rate and is expected to be completed by mid-2019. Support us through our Kickstarter or through other means (contact us)!

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