O u r    T e a m

Vincent Gao

Currently on his second startup, Vincent Gao is an aspirant entrepreneur guided by strict utilitarian values. Having attended New York Military Academy's Leadership Programme, Gao strives for nothing but the best and thus utilizes his leadership experience and business skill to allow for Aethereal to grow to the maximum. Gao has previously founded AMVI, an eco-centric enterprise recognized by LaunchXxMIT, and had received nomination for 2019's Global Business Insight Awards upon his exit from the company.

Philip Paterson

Philip Paterson is a passionate visionary, innovator, and entrepreneur. He strives to spearhead the future and change the world for the better and understands that the right tools are needed for him to realize this goal. He believes the best tool is knowledge, and his passion for science, technology, and business gives him an arsenal. Now he is a sophomore and has co-founded Aethereal, designing and creating the innovative Ethereal fabric as Chief Technology Officer.