O v e r v i e w

Here at Aethereal, we have devised Ethereal, a groundbreaking fabric that allows for selective variability in insulation. Basically, imagine a shirt with which you can choose and directly manipulate how warm and cool you'd feel wearing it. Ethereal's dramatic effectiveness allows for the shirt to be worn alone in the coldest of winter nights, as well as the hottest summer days-- with only a slide of a knob. This ubiquity of Ethereal means that it's suitable for everybody: wearing our fabric would remove the need for bulky winter attire (thereby saving money and allowing for extra mobility) as well as summer tank tops. To put the cherry on top of the cake, our fabric is as thin, lightweight, and durable as an ordinary fabric, while still being relatively inexpensive. With this, Ethereal allows fashion to transcend temperature and is all but guaranteed to ignite revolution the moment it hits mass market.